The all-new TiVo BOLTTM is the Unified Entertainment System that removes all the
speed bumps lurking between you and the great stuff you love to watch. Welcome
to hassle-free TV.


At the press of a button, skip to the end of a commercial break and resume your recorded show.


Lets you watch 30% faster with pitch-perfect audio—ideal for slow-moving news, sports, and political speeches.


Finds, organizes, and gives you instant access to every available episode, whether it’s on TV or streaming services.

4K Picture

Watch in 4K Ultra HD resolution with spectacular, eye-popping color and detail.


Enjoy live TV and recorded shows on your tablet, smartphone, or laptop.


Record 4 shows at once and enjoy them with patented TrickPlay control features.



500 GB


1 TB

Product dimensions 11 3/8"W x 7 1/4"D x 1 3/4"H w/feet 11 3/8"W x 7 1/4"D x 1 3/4"H w/feet
Product weight 1.9 lbs. 1.9 lbs.
Carton dimensions 17 1/4" W x 10" D x 3 3/4" H 17 1/4" W x 10" D x 3 3/4" H
Carton weight 4.3 lbs. 4.3 lbs.
UPC 851342000261 851342000308
Model TCD849500 TCD849000
SKU R84950 R84900

Back view

(Ethernet cable not included)



500 GB


1000 GB

Video HDMI out v2.0 (4K 24/60, 1080p, 24/60) v2.0 (4K 24/60, 1080p, 24/60)
3D Passthrough (SxS/TxB) Passthrough (SxS/TxB)
Audio Digital Optical or HDMI Optical or HDMI
Analog Stereo 3.5mm Stereo 3.5mm
Networking Wireless 802.11 AC Dual Band 802.11 AC Dual Band
Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps 10/100/1000 Mbps
MoCA® bridge 2.0 Built in Built in
Recording Simultaneous recordings 4 shows 4 shows
HD hours 75 hours 150 hours
Built-in HDD 500 GB 1,000 GB
Expandable eSATA up to 1TB eSATA up to 1TB
Mobile streaming & downloading In home Built in Built in
Out of home Built in (coming soon) Built in (coming soon)
Extras Remote Finder
RF remote
Tru Multi Room Up to 10 boxes supported (with 3 live HD streams) Up to 10 boxes supported (with 3 live HD streams)
Plex app

Product features

Simultaneous recording • Record up to 4 HD shows at once
Storage capacity • TiVo BOLT 500GB: Up to 75 HD hours of recording capacity
• TiVo BOLT 1TB: Up to 150 HD hours of recording capacity
Search & suggestions • TiVo Search simultaneously searches TV and entertainment apps together
• Suggestions help you discover new shows based on what you like
Streaming & mobile • TiVo app available for tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android)
• Stream live TV and recorded shows to your mobile device around the home with WiFi  (out-of-home coming soon)2
• Download recorded shows to your mobile device and watch them anywhere.2
• Compatible with cable or HD antenna (sold separately)
Tru Multi Room • Connects to TiVo® Mini and other DVRs for multi-room streaming3
Remote control • Convenient RF and IR remote
• Remote Finder feature
Installation • Compatible with most cable systems, visit tivo.com/cable (CableCARD required)
• Built-in MoCA® bridge for easy installation
Not supported • Satellite
• AT&T U-verse

Getting Started

What you’ll need • Broadband internet connection via wireless, Ethernet, or MoCA (TiVo Bridge sold separately)
• For cable: one multistream CableCARD decoder
• For over-the-air: HD antenna
Included in the box • TiVo BOLT
• TiVo BOLT remote
• Setup + Product Features guide
• Power cord
• 6'4K HDMI cable
Optional accessories
(sold separately)
• TiVo Mini
• TiVo Slide Pro remote
• eSATA external drive